Adult Psychotherapy

I work with individual adults and issues addressed  in Adult Psychotherapy include anxiety, depression, stress, panic attacks, eating disorders, self-harming behaviour, sexual difficulties and relationship difficulties.While many of these issues bring people to  therapy in the first place, people also come to therapy without any ideas about what their particular issues are…they may just be aware of not feeling the way they would like to or the way that they used to. There is no rule that says you need to know what you want to achieve from the Psychotherapy sessions. Sometimes, it is better to let this emerge, once the work has begun.

There are times in life when difficulties become manifest and impact on how we live and how much we enjoy life. Sometimes things get so tough that living your day-to-day life can become a bit like a struggle. Accessing professional support and considering Adult Psychotherapy can be a good first step to take as it can help you figure a way out of and away from this difficult time…..

There is always the possibility of a brighter future. Sometimes, it’s just hard to know which direction to take or which steps to take in order to start moving in the direction of this brightness. Being in a dark room does not mean there is no way out….It’s just hard to see the door in the dark.Adult Psychotherapy really can help. It can shine a light and provide options for moving forward. Then you can decide which way you want to go.