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I am a Systemic Psychotherapist located in Rush and Skerries, North Co Dublin.

I work with adults, adolescents and children who may be experiencing anxiety, depression, eating disorders, relationship difficulties, self-esteem issues, post-traumatic stress or suicidal ideation. I work with couples and adults in relation to relationship difficulties such as sexual difficulties, communication issues and porn addiction.

I also work for the Family Courts as a Section 47 and Section 32 Assessor. I have written a bestselling book entitled ‘Keeping Your Child Safe on Social Media, Five Easy Steps’ and it is available to buy from bookshops around Ireland or on Amazon.

I am accredited with the Family Therapy Association of Ireland (FTAI) and the Irish Council for Psychotherapy (ICP).  

I am strongly influenced by ideas relating to Narrative Therapy and Social Constructionism. Because of this, my basic beliefs are that all people are experts on their own lives and while I  have expertise in the area of my work, clients are the most expert in relation to their own life. With that in mind, therapy is very much a job myself and clients embark on together when we  start to resolve whatever they wish to resolve. Beginning Psychotherapy is not necessarily easy but neither at times, for any of us, is life.Psychotherapy can really make a massive difference in so many ways. You do not need to be hopeful of success in order to begin the therapeutic  journey.  You only need to be ready to begin. As the esteemed and brilliant poet, Brendan Kennelly has said…  “In a world that dreams of ending, that always seems about to give in, something that will not acknowledge conclusion, insists that we forever begin.’ Begin or not………..It’s always a choice