Couples Therapy and Sex Therapy

Relationships are a key part of our lives and to be part of a couple relationship that is not working well can be very difficult for both parties involved. At times, levels of hostility and mistrust can be high within couple relationships for a variety of reasons. Ambivalence and lack of desire can also be a painful experiences within relationships and the level of connection felt with each other can be impacted. Porn addiction, infidelity or erectile dysfunction  are some of the issues that couples deal with in psychotherapy with Anne. The work can comprise of couples attending together for some sessions and individually for other sessions, depending on what will work best. Anne also offers a consultation process for couples who may wish to work out whether or not they want to stay or leave their relationship. If a decision is made to leave, Anne can facilitate the process of working out how best to leave the relationship, in a way that feels psychologically safe if this is what the couple conclude is the best way forward. It can be good to feel that this can be done in a way that feels psychologically safe for all involved, as deciding to end a relationship can be a frightening prospect as it involves change.