Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy

The many stages of psychological, social, emotional and intellectual development already make childhood and adolescence a challenging time in some ways. Anxiety, depression, eating disorders and behavioural difficulties are some of the challenges that young people face and often times, social media can complicate matters for young people and they need psychological strength to manage this. While I work individually with children and young people in relation to these and other issues, my training in Family Therapy means that family appointments are also sometimes part of how I work with young people.  Cognitive behavioural therapy can work well when adapted for children and adolescents and I have a keen interest also in training young people to gain psychological strength for the social media world. More than anything else I believe that the therapeutic engagement between me and the young person is the most important aspect of getting the work done.

No matter how difficult things seem to be, I always, when I meet a child or adolescent, have hope. Things change and difficulties resolve. Psychotherapy works.